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-IUI Laboratory Setup Equipements-

PRECILAF - IUI 2X2 Laminar Air Flow WorkStation

Product Decsription :
Pure Stainless Steel 304 Food Grade quality per US Federal standards to retain particles
upto 0.3 microns
Filtering efficiency 99.997% with specialised mini pleet filter
Air velocity across workspace 90(+/-20)feet/min
Pressure Guage Manometer
Fitted with static pressure Indicator(Manometer)
Inbuilt aluminium anodized heating block for swim up &
density gradient processes
Two Independent Stages

Microscope (Labomed)

Product Description:
Trinocular/Binocular Microscope with CCD,LCD
Objective lens: 10x,20x,40x,100x with pair of 10x & Eye Piece
LED Light source


Sperm Counting Analyzer

Product Description:
Quantifies sperm Concentration & evaluation of Motility percentage in undiluted semen at self controlled accuracy
Having 10u optimal depth,with built in grid on the slide itself,makes it brighter and long lasting comapred to laser etched grid on coverslip
Easy & fast results:The no.of spermatozoa counted in any strip of 10squares of grid indicates concentration in millions/ml

Remi R4C/R8C Centrifuge Machine

With built in digital timer & steepless knob to control the speed digital of speed & time of screen.Head swing out with 8X15ml tubes.

Cryocans (LN2 Container)

We provide cryocans for Semen sample storage and LN2 maintanance in said sizes: 3lt,7lt,11lt,20lt,26lt