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We have main two diagnostics components for IUI & IVF -

Maybe Baby

Precise the Chances of Motherhood
   Maybe baby measures the Estrogen levels.
Estrogen is screted in saliva when ovulation happens.
As this saliva dries,the estrogen would form crystals which were visible
under high magnification,as a fern-leaf pattern through a microscope.

Benefits :

Convinient saliva test(no messy urine test)
Lipstick sized,portable self-contained unit
Can be used any time of the day or month
Fast,Accurate,Reusable.(98% accurate)
Helps pinpoint ovulation 3-4days in advance
Results can be seen as soon as saliva dries on lens
Guides safe period to avoid contraception failure

Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis (i-SPERM) Mini CASA

How it Works:

Enables computer aided analysis of spermatozoa in human semen
Automatically measure motion parameters and the concentration of
Statistical evaluation of the results.