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Welcome To Gametes India Pvt.Ltd...
Gametes India Pvt Ltd is a new venture in the field of Infertility to support and enhance Assisted/ Artificial Reproductive Techniques. Started in year 2017 at Indore(M.P)India. Gametes India Pvt Ltd is Central India's 1st ART Bank offering - Semen,Egg & Embryo banking as per ICMR guidelines and is PCPNDT registered.Gametes India wish to attend Infertile couples,IVF Specialists,Embryologists all over India who are in need of good quality Semen,Embryo & Oocytes to bring a new one to life combined with new
age IVF & IUI treatments...


Gametes India Pvt.Ltd offers the following Services for ART -
Sperm Banking:
  Exclusive sperm bank offering quarantined semen samples of proven fertility record with detail profile of the donor.It is also helpful for the patients undergoing cancer treatment and wants to preserve their sample for future use. Samples are preserved under sterile atmosphere with maintaining standards as per ICMR guidelines.

Oocyte Banking:
  Donor Oocytes are procured from proven fertility donors.Each donor is enrolled after thorough investigation for any abnormality including genetic studies. It is novel technique for Pre Ovarian failure patients and preserving fertility of the woman undergoing oncotherapy or if they want to prolong their motherhood. It is done under guidelines of ICMR. detail profile of each donor is available for selection.

Embryo Banking:
  Good Quality Embryos are developed from cellular stage to Blastocyst from healthy donor gametes with use of all standard material and culture conditions.

Semen Analysis:
  A standard Semen analysis is done with the help of CASA(Computer Assisted Semen Analysis) system,Detail report is generated which help in assessment of
fertility potential of the semen sample.Other associated specialised test like DNA fragmentation is also done.

Sperm Preparation:
  Sperm samples are prepared under fully aseptic standard conditions in CO2 Incubator for Intra Uterine Insemination(IUI).This service is available for both husband
and donor sperm samples.

Couple Reproductive Profile and Counselling:
  Sperm & Ovarian Profile , Assessment for Fertility Potential , ART Solutions , Offspring Planning

Auto Conservation Of Sperm & Oocyte:
  A Locker kind of facility for Patients to Preserve their fertility for future use.Who will Benefit?
-- Pre-Ovarian failure patients , Woman undergoing Oncotherapy , Woman who want to prolong their motherhood

Training Program:
  CASA(Computer Assisted Semen Analysis),Detailed analysis like Count,Motility etc.for assessment of fertility potential.
Specialized tests- DNA fragmentation,Morphology & Vitality.