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Double/Single Layer Density Gradient Media
Specific choice for highly viscous semen samples-
Fortified with Theophyline
Double filtration effectively removes debris,pus,dead
and abnormal sperms.
Maximal isolation of motile sperms in oligo and
asthenospermic samples.

Care Media for Swim Up technique
Specific choice for normospermic semen samples
Fortified with Theophyline
Keeps less robust sperm as sediment
Maximal isolation of motile sperms
Prevent sperm damage due to ROS

  Sperm Morphology Kit  
Chemical analysis of Seminal Plasma
Fructose Determination(Qualitative Analysis)
Selivanoff's solution 100ml
HOS(hypo Osmotic swelling test)
Functional Integrity of Sperm HOS
Sperm pH
Determination of pH of semen pH strip
Vitality Test
Membrane integrity of Sperms
Physical Intactness of Sperm Eosin and Nigrosin
Morphology Stain

DNA Fragmentation Kit
  Sperm Chromatin Dispersion Test